Swim Lesson Recap

Recently, I feel like I have hit a plateau with my swimming. With about 6 weeks left before Raleigh Half Ironman, there is still some time left to refine my stroke. Last Thursday, I paid $40 for a 30 minute one-on-one swim session with a local, accomplished swim coach. I received great feedback and I feel like it was worth the time and money.  Here’s a some notes for me to remember:

  • My arms are crossing over my centerline (still). I didn’t realize that I still had this issue. He said that my left are is fine, but my right arm kind of hooks over my centerline. He recommended that I work on REALLY extending my arms when I reach. He asked how tall I was. I told him 6’1″. He said I was swimming like I was 5’7″. Point taken.
  • He noticed that I had a high stroke rate, and that I need to focus on using less strokes. He recommended that I work on getting from one side of the pool to the other in around 6 cycles (12 complete strokes).
  • He confirmed that using a 2-beat kick (my preferred method) was appropriate for the 1.2 mile distance I’m focused on.
  • He confirmed that my swimming position was level and nothing to be concerned about. I was wondering if I needed to push my head/chest down more in the water, but he didn’t think that was necessary.
  • He also recommended that I focus more on improving my stroke and less on speed. The speed will come later, but I need to correct my form before I focus on speed.