Post Marathon Recovery

Saturday, I ran my second marathon, the Richmond Marathon. Now that it is done, I’ve been wondering what my post marathon recovery should be. Last year, I didn’t do anything for two weeks after my marathon. I was following the advice of my running coach for a marathon training program that I signed up for. This time around, I’ve decided to give Hal Higdon’s post marathon recovery plan a try. In fact, I plan on using Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 marathon training plan for my next marathon (whenever I decide to tackle one again).

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – No Running (Yessssssss!)
  • Thursday – Easy 2 mile run
  • Friday – Cross train approximately 30 minutes (bike, swim, or walk 2-3 miles)
  • Saturday – 2-3 miles or take the day entirely
  • Sunday – One Hour Run 6-8 miles max

Then Hal offers three 4-week recovery plans (novice, intermediate, advanced) to get you back up to speed. I’m going with the “intermediate” version.


I look forward to following the plan and getting back into training mode for my June 2016 Half Ironman event.