March Update: Training Funk

Unfortunately, training has not been going as planned due to being out of town for a week for work. I was doing well until about February 24th. From Sunday, February 26th, until Friday, March 3rd, I was teaching at a conference at for my job. The days were long and exhausting. I managed to get to run workouts in during the week, although I had planned for at least 4 run workouts. Even after I got back from my conference, the next week of exercises didn’t go as planned. I was already off-track physically, and mentally, I wasn’t into it.

In the picture below, you can see that in my Training Peaks account, my fitness level (indicated by the blue line) plummeted from a 78.4 on February 24th, to its current value as of today which is a fitness value of 64.5. I gain 2-3 points of fitness each week, so could take a good month for me to get back to the high 70s. For those of your familiar with Training Peaks, my fitness (blue line), fatigue (pink line) and form (yellow line) are all calculated based on various data from my workouts. As you can see below, my fatigue level (pink line) has been high (due to my workout load) ever since my training began, but dropped significantly during my week away from home. Ideally, during the next few months of training, my blue line should be between the pink and yellow lines.

I’m slowly trying to dig my way out of this training rut that I’m in. This week starts the “Build” Phase of my Half Ironman training. Things are going to get pretty challenging very quickly.  I hope to get back on track starting this week, by doing ALL of my workouts as prescribed! Stay tuned…