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Remember the back brake is for regulating speed and the front for really stopping. If the junction is clear then you may not need to use the front, just dragging the back brake. If there is traffic or its tighter than you thought then the front brake is really going to stop you or slow you down. Once you are at the speed you want, you can then release the front brake and continue to finely control your speed with the back.

Gary’s top tips on how to brake efficiently:

  1. Start by pulling the back brake to settle the bike and start to slow your speed
  2. Look at the point you want to stop at, NOT right in front of your wheel
  3. Keep your arm and shoulders relaxed, don’t straighten out your arms and fight the bike
  4. With even power (don’t grab) start to pull the front brake to slow yourself down
  5. Keep looking ahead at your stopping/slowing point
  6. Once you are at the speed you want release the front brake gradually
  7. Keep using the back brake to regulate speed or bring yourself to a stop