20 Weeks Until Raleigh 70.3

This week I officially kick off my Raleigh Half Ironman training. I’m going the self coaching route again, but I do have a challenging plan that I intend to follow. Fortunately this time around, my super-fast triathlon buddy Truong, who voluntarily trained many times with me and helped motivate me last year, is also doing Raleigh 70.3. 

I’m excited to get my training started and I’m intensely focused on finishing my 70.3 under 6 hours this time (last year my time was around 7hrs 10mins). 

This preseason I will focus on swimming more efficiently, swimming straighter, and ultimately faster.  I DNF’d the swim by 5 minutes last year, and ended up swimming 1.5 miles instead of 1.2, which added about 15mins extra to the overall swim. I blame it on my poor sighting and swimming at a pace that was too relaxed. 

I will also focus on biking faster, hopefully increasing my average race speed from (17.5-18 mph) to 19-20 mph. 

I’ve always been a distance runner (I lettered in cross country all throughout high school), though I tend to hold back in my triathlon races. So this year, I want to improve my overall running intensity. 

And lastly, this year I hope to compete in a atleast 5-6 triathlons in a variety of distances. 

I’m excited to become a better triathlete!